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Bobbi Grimmer - September 25, 2017

I was impressed, this morning, by a Martin Luther quote " Faith is acceptance of acceptance." What can he mean?

Ephesians 1 explains how God chose us "in Him" from before the foundation of the world and that, to the praise of his glorious grace, we have been adopted as sons through Jesus Christ, to be blameless and holy before Him, according to the purpose of his will, He has "blessed us" in the Beloved, ESV. The KJV renders that last bit "has accepted us in the Beloved" I knew I hadn't dreamed that, but could not find that particular word except in the KJV.

I'm thinking I am surely "blessed" to be in the Beloved, made happy, but why? He is faithful, kind and merciful. Yes, indeed. He is wise and generous and patient. Amen! I guess what I'm getting at is that I am forced to ask, in light of my faithlessness or misbehavior on occasion, "Why me?" I am bitterly undeserving and, at the end of the day, must lay my head in my hands and weep for this hopeless condtion. So how is it that I am able to raise my chin again except by the gracious truth of His acceptance? Does He accept my sin and failure? How can He, being righteous? No, His acceptance is based on the position He placed me in from "before the foundation of the world"..."in the Beloved."

The source of my happiness then is not based on my faithfulness but on His Beloved's. My question is made moot by this Truth. In His wisdom He has accepted me, and you who believe in Christ, warts and all; all the devil and the fall of man has accomplished to try to separate us from His love. This truth, because the Beloved has overcome the world, should put the spring in our step, shut off the waterworks of guilt and open our mouths in a testimony of adoration and praise! "By the works of the law shall no man be justified." "The just shall live by faith." Faith that if He has called you to believe on the Beloved, He has accepted you in the Beloved to rise, to walk and to stand in His presence even as the Beloved is, eternally. Hallelujah, what a Savior!