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All Hail The Power

Joseph Morrow - June 26, 2017

All Hail The Power, Edward Perronet, Hymn, Scripture in Song, Song, Wesley
Sunday's Songs
All Hail The Power
In Christ Alone
Show Us Christ
Glorious Christ
There Is A Fountain Filled With Blood

"All Hail The Power," Was written by Edward Perronet in 1779. This text has been translated into almost every language known to Christianity. Like his father, Perronet became a minister in the Anglican Church.

He soon left the Church of England to join the evangelism of John Wesley during the 1740's and 1750's. They endured much persecution. Wesley wrote in his journal:

From Rockdale we went to Bolton, and soon found that the Rockdale lions were lambs in comparison with those of Bolton. Edward Perronet was thrown down and rolled in mud and mire. Stones were hurled and windows broken.

Edward Perronet was 18 years younger than Wesley. He had always refused to preach in elder Wesley's presence. When called upon to do so, Perronet stood and declared that he, in fact, never consented to preach, but said, "However, I shall deliver the greatest sermon that has ever been preached on earth." He went on to read the Sermon On The Mount to the congregation, and quietly took his seat.

In time, Perronet's strong personality and differences in beliefs caused him to break from ministering with Wesley. Edward preached the rest of his life at an independent church in Canterbury, England. His last words were recorded as such...

Glory to God in the height of His divinity!
Glory to God in the depth of His humanity!
Glory to God in His all-sufficiency!
Into His hands I commend my spirit.

The Power Of Scripture In Song

Among many interesting accounts associated with All Hail The Power, one in particular is simply amazing. EP Scott was a pioneer missionary to India. Once when he was aggressively approached by a band of tribesman. With spears raised, they were ready to take this evangelist's life. Out of impulse, EP grabbed his violin from his luggage and began to play and sing All Hail The Power. When he got to, "let every kindred, every tribe," the noticed the spears began to lower as many of the tribesmen were filled with tears. Scott spent the rest of his life ministering there. O the power of Scripture in song!

Praise our Lord and King for displaying Himself supreme in and through all things!

Looking forward to worshipping together,

Brother Joseph