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All We Want For Christmas

Bobbi Grimmer - December 12, 2017

The Lord is moving in remarkable ways across the board in our church plants. The common factor seems to be that God is still using His Gospel to change the lives of people, on campus, in Worship, among lots of different people groups and raising up evangelists and Pastors willing to take risks to see it furthered.

In Nepal

Our most distant friends are in Nepal where in November a seminar was held for 32 men and women, pastors and evangelists in a modular based two year program, focused on Discipleship and Evangelism. They were expecting a minimum of 28 travel hours on the bus to arrive at Katmandu but because of road construction they were delayed 10 hours and ended up traveling 45 hours. That is some kind of dedication! They are, by grace, reaching 20 people groups with a Western Tamang translation of the Bible. There are as yet still 153 unreached people groups in remote India. Their time together also included a commissioning and graduation ceremony. Upon completion of their seminar they returned to their villages to begin teaching about God through the singing of Carols. Since Christmas is not celebrated in India It will be a unique opportunity to tell the Nativity Story. Let's pray for the Holy Spirit to energize their voices and lyrics and open the hearts of the people to the Gospel. And that God would cover them with his protection as they risk their lives where hostilities and Government prohibitions are great obstacles.

In San Antonio

The Kroegers have been busy building their campus ministry. They were given the opportunity to crash a retreat sponsored by TSU. It proved a great blessing and boon to them as they are still a fledgling group and unable to boast the volunteers to support one themselves. Their students benefited greatly from the fellowship and devotions and learned more effective ways to share the Scriptures with unbelievers.

They have begun "warm ups", Sunday morning worship once a month, in the home of one of their church plant team members, in preparation for the weekly services they hope to begin in the Spring. They count the services great encouragement and bonding for the team. In addition they take out witnessing teams of staff on Wednesday and Thursday, and some non-staff on Fridays.

They had a successful "Friendsgiving" dinner outreach and hosted an event to put Operation Child Shoeboxes together for Christmas.

Kyle Is pursuing his Master's of Divinity online as well as full time ministry. He prayerfully asks for any support you might be willing to offer in this effort. While not offering a lot of statistics they are building grassroots ministry in the form of discipleship and building bridges with these students for further growth in the scriptures and evangelism. Pray God will greatly use them in the Spring when they begin weekly worship opportunities as well.

In Phoenix

Bryson is busy in Phoenix. Not only has he become a dad for the third time but is fathering a number of new believers as well. He is boasting in the Lord for 2017, some 17 baptisms, 16 community groups formed, 25 leaders and 25 members, two leaders serving globally, 102 average Sunday Worship, with + 220 reached!!!

They are praying for big things in 2018. We are asking God for 100 baptisms, 50 leaders, 30 community groups meeting weekly, and 200+ students alone to call Valley Life home in 2018. How can we help? Glory to God. He is on the move.