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Beholding Christ In Worship

Joseph Morrow - February 21, 2017

gospel, worship
Sunday's Songs
You Are The Way
What A Savior
All Creatures Of Our God And King
Come Behold The Wondrous Mystery
O The Deep Deep Love Of Jesus

We will be introducing a new song this Sunday titled, "Come Behold the Wondrous Mystery." It's an invitation to behold Christ! That's the point isn't it? Proclaiming in song, in prayer, and in Word (preaching) the Good News of Jesus Christ. Speaking from experience, if we aren't careful to remind ourselves of the wonder of the Gospel, Sunday morning can become anything but beholding Christ.

Come Behold The Wondrous Mystery

Come behold the wondrous mystery in the dawning of the King.
He the theme of heaven’s praises robed in frail humanity
In our longing, in our darkness now the light of life has come.
Look to Christ, who condescended took on flesh to ransom us

JESUS is the One, the "theme", the subject of heaven's praises, of our praises. God took on flesh to bring us the Light of Life: Himself! The Gospel continues...

Come behold the wondrous mystery: He the perfect Son of Man.
In His living, in His suffering, never trace nor stain of sin.
See the true and better Adam come to save the hell-bound man.
Christ the great and sure fulfillment of the law; in Him we stand.

Verse two tells us why we care about verse one. This Man is without sin?! So far we see that our God took on flesh to ransom us, to save us from hell. How? He is sinless, He is the Law fulfilled...

Come behold the wondrous mystery: Christ the Lord upon the tree.
In the stead of ruined sinners hangs the Lamb in victory.
See the price of our redemption; see the Father’s plan unfold.
Bringing many sons to glory; grace unmeasured, love untold.

How Will He?

Where we would be defeated, He is victorious! Our redemption had a price tag so big that only the death of God could cover it!

Come behold the wondrous myst’ry; slain by death the God of life.
But no grave could e’er restrain Him; praise the Lord; He is alive!
What a foretaste of deliverance; how unwavering our hope.
Christ in power resurrected as we will be when He comes.

But the value of Christ outweighed our debt! The God of Life cannot be held by the death. HE IS ALIVE! And we too, through Christ, will rise from the dead to glory in our Redeemer forever more! What a foretaste indeed!

Ready to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, our unwavering Hope together,