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Church Plants Thriving!

Bobbi Grimmer - June 07, 2017

Dear South Churchians,

I'm happy to report that God is on the move in our various church plants here in the U.S.A. and in India. As the world condition heats up so, it seems, His zeal is causing more and more folks to work while it is still day, to help usher in the Kingdom and bring people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Young people and oppressed peoples are hungry for righteousness in this bankrupt society. I praise God for those willing to minister to them, make disciples, who will in turn make disciples and thereby add to the church daily those who are being saved. God loves multiplication!

Here at home, the Kroegers send word and petitions for their ministry at UTSA. First they are filled with praise for the faculty member God has raised up to serve as the student Organization Sponsor; that they will greatly aid in the fall launch of the outreach.

They recently attended their church movements annual conference where they had the opportunity to speak on Leadership development. Their organization has roughly 22 church plants across the nation and have added to that number annually. Banners from each included UTSA this year!

Prayer concerns are:

1. for God to supply team members with full time support by June in order to be ready for the hard launch in the fall.

2. That God would increase and make fruitful the networking contacts they are building with the greater body of Christ in S.A. so that they are fully furnished with godly support for discipleship and volunteers in ministry.

3. that God would raise up student officers and provide space for their fall launch. They are allowed to reserve space now for the coming year.

4. for all the grace He can show to these young, dedicated families to grow in godliness and bear fruit to the glory of Christ.

Hopeful Bryson in Phoenix is thankfully preparing 4 men for preaching and leading student worship! His goal was to provide a teaching hospital, offering the opportunity to lead under the authority of the Word of God, Bryson, and the Network Preaching team. He is aware of the huge responsibility this is and very pleased with the first two to prepare and give messages, as they "explore" their calls to the ministry. He asks for prayer for Ben Murray, Bishop Shepherd, Robert Gribble and Maeson Gardiner and that God would amplify the work He has begun there as they seek to equip men to serves as teachers and leaders in the Kingdom work.

Dahn and his eldest son Arpan, a recent HS grad., traveled to the far west region of India to lead their 4th pastor training session. Their goal, "to help them realize the essentials of discipleship as a core ministry of a healthy church."

Pray please, for

1. the mountain villages, where few missionaries are scarce, poverty extreme and now further complicated by HIV contraction from those forced to go to the city to work. But He is thankful for gradual change in their society as God, by the church, is impacting their region.

2. Dahn's student, (no name given) a music teacher who has been in ministry to the Tharu people group for 4 yrs., integrating ministry with his vocation. A member of his ministry has offered them a building (a former chicken farm) with a ten year contract, to serve as their residence and meeting hall for worship and music education. Glory to God for HIs faithful provision! He is currently mentoring 4 men as pastors and hopes to send one out to begin a new church plant in a neighboring village, soon.

3. That all the necessary red tape paper work to enable his son to travel with him will be expedited so that he may obtain a passport and this young man might be enabled, by grace, through the Holy Spirit, to help in this vital ministry.

Remember to lift up brother Matt at South Church, Kerrville. Pray for opportunity, boldness and fruitfulness to abound to Christ's glory, the coming of "many sons to glory", and their joy in His service.

More next quarter