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Commissioned For His Glory

Joseph Morrow - February 27, 2017

church planting, glory, preaching
Sunday's Songs
Days Of Elijah
As Long As You Are Glorified
O Church, Arise
Come Behold The Wondrous Mystery
Rock Of Ages

As we prepare our hearts to focus on Church Planting this Sunday, I thought it appropriate to consider some of the lyrics we will be singing:

With shield of faith and belt of truth
We'll stand against the devil's lies;
An army bold whose battle cry is "Love!"
Reaching out to those in darkness.

Our call to war, to love the captive soul,
But to rage against the captor;
And with the sword that makes the wounded whole
We will fight with faith and valor.
-O Church Arise

This call is for far more than handing out tracts and casually mentioning Jesus from time to time. We are called to war! An army whose boldness comes from Christ, our shield, armor, and sword; called--not to play it safe, but--to "reach out to those in darkness."

The Fields Are White

And these are the days of the harvest
The fields are as white in Your world
And we are the laborers in Your vineyard
declaring the Word of the Lord
-Days of Elijah

And Christ did't commission us to a lost cause. The fields are full of future Kingdom kids, so we can declare His Word with confidence in the dark where the lost are found.

How then will they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in him of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without someone preaching? And how are they to preach unless they are sent?
So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.
-Romans 10.14-15a,17

Through our witness of the Gospel, God births faith in the faithless. "This is the power of God in me!" It is only by the power of Christ that we believe. If we love Him, we will go. And He will work through His church as she proclaims the Gospel throughout the world.

All For His Glory

Oh let Your will be done in me
In Your love I will abide
Oh I long for nothing else as long
As You are glorified
-As Long as You are Glorified

So the warring, the sending, the preaching, the making of disciples, the salvation of mankind... the planting of churches. All of it, every single detail, is for the glory of God in Christ Jesus.

Ready to worship with you,