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God Omniscient God All Knowing

Joseph Morrow - May 08, 2017

inexhaustible, joyful trembling, majestic, matchless, omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, preeminent, providential, sovereign, unassailable, unchanging, worship
Sunday's Songs
O Worship The King
10,000 Reasons
God Omniscient, God All Knowing
O The Deep Deep Love Of Jesus
Be Thou My Vision

We introduced a new song on Sunday called, "God Omniscient, God All Knowing." You may have noticed that this song contains many strong descriptions of God. As we were preparing for worship, Charlie and I started talking about the descriptive power in these lyrics. One word caught our attention; it was the word unassailable. To be unassailable is to be unable to be attacked, questioned, or defeated.

The two of us discussed how amazing this description of God really was, grateful for songs that declare such truths. This caused me to want to look deeper into the declarations the writer, Matt Boswell, is making in this song, and therefore realizing just how Scripture-rich it is.

I thought it would be helpful for us to look at some of these words together.

Omniscient - knowing everything.
Unassailable - unable to be attacked, questioned, or defeated.
Omnipresent - Present everywhere at the same time.
Sovereign - Supreme ruler.
Providence - Providing protective care.
Omnipotent - Having unlimited power, able to do anything.
Inexhaustible - Unable to be used up because of limitless abundance.
Majesty - Dignity, beauty, royal power, a sovereign King's title.
Preeminence -Superior, surpassing all others.
Unchanging - Never changing, remaining the same.
Matchless - Unable to be equaled; incomparable.

There Is No Other

Wow! That is just a handful of the lyrics! Can you name one person or one thing, just one, that can possibly fit all of those descriptions? What about just one of them? There is no other! None like Him!

We are saying a whole lot of things when we are singing songs like this, and I sincerely pray we aren't just doing it out of duty or in a state of complacency. In our song we declare what we BELIEVE! Do you believe these things about our God? If so, a fearful joy is required of us. How can we believe this and not tremble? How can we believe this and not be filled with overwhelming joy?

A joyful trembling in humble worship before an omniscient, unassailable, omnipresent, sovereign, providential, omnipotent, inexhaustible, majestic, preeminent, unchanging, and matchless God! YES! This is who He is! Let us worship Him as such.

I can't wait to worship with you,

- Joseph