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He Is Alive!

Joseph Morrow - April 11, 2017

alive, hope, joy, life, Mary, resurrection, risen, salvation
Sunday's Songs
There Is A Fountain Filled With Blood
Up From The Grave He Arose
O Church, Arise
Behold Our God
Jesus Paid It All
Happy Day

Mary Magdalene approached her Lord's tomb early Sunday morning. Her hear sank as she drew near, seeing that the stone was rolled away. "They have come and taken my Lord's body away!" She ran to find Peter and John saying, "They have taken Jesus from the tomb! We do not know where they laid Him!" Wasting no time they ran to the tomb. John, arriving first looked inside and saw the burial clothes, but not his Lord. Peter, who was close behind, entered the tomb without hesitation. Jesus was gone! But he saw the linen clothes and the cloth that had covered Jesus' face neatly folded and in a separate place from the others. John followed after Peter and as soon as he saw the clothes and the face cloth folded by itself, he believed! "He is alive! Jesus has risen from the dead," he thought to himself--remembering what the Christ had said: that He must rise from the dead.

Who are you seeking?

After Peter and John returned home, Mary, not yet understanding that Jesus was alive, remained weeping at the tomb. As the tears rolled down her face she stooped to look inside. And sitting where Jesus had laid were two angels in white: one sitting at the head, and the other at the feet. "Why are you weeping?" they asked. Mary was still looking for Jesus' body. "They have taken Him, I do not know where." Desperate to find Jesus she turned and saw a man standing before her. He also asked, "Woman, why are you weeping? Whom are you seeking?" Unable to see that He was the one she sought, she replied, "If it was you who took Him, tell me where He is so I can take Him away."

Found By The Sought One

It was that moment that a gentle, a kind... a familiar voice spoke, "Mary." Can you imagine her heart racing as she turned to see her Master, "Rabboni! It's You!"

That's my rough paraphrase of John 20.

He Is Alive!

In her mourning, in her darkest night, in her confusion, as she was seeking but did not know where to look... Jesus met her. He met her in that place, where she was. Where hope was almost lost. Where she felt broken, and alone. It was there that He came to her. She didn't have to find Him, and could not have on her own. He found her! He's not in the tomb! He has not been taken! He is risen! The King of kings is alive! He has conquered death, He has defeated sin, He rose and returned to His Father in glory and has given us His Spirit. Not only is He alive, He is life, and has made us --those who were dead in our trespasses and sin-- alive by the indwelling of His eternal Spirit.

We have probably all been in that place with Mary at some point: without hope, seeking satisfaction, only finding despair; fading fast, and then... JESUS! He is alive indeed. How else could a wretch like me be saved? How else could the hopeless have hope? Praise be to God and our King Jesus, our only hope. Our life and eternal joy. Hallelujah!

Can't wait to worship our risen Lord with you,