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Idolatry In Worship

Joseph Morrow - July 24, 2017

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I Will Glory In My Redeemer
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Jesus Paid It All

“Little children, keep yourselves from idols” (1 John 5:21), John ends his first letter. In other words, don’t see anything but God’s glory in Christ as the source of your greatest joy, deepest satisfaction, and highest authority. Idolatry can be active in my heart even when I’m gathered with the church. Whenever I think I can’t meet with God unless “X” is present, I’m making a profound statement. If “X” is anything other than Jesus Christ, and his Holy Spirit, I’ve moved into idolatrous territory. Of course, God uses means to reveal himself. We encounter him through his word read and preached, the Lord’s Supper, fellowship with one another, and our songs and prayers. But when we make those means — or more specifically, the execution of those means — the basis of our fellowship with God, we’ve added an unnecessary barrier to meeting with him. We attend the gathering of the saints as idolatrous consumers and judges rather than grateful receivers and servants.
-Bob Kauflin

This really struck a chord with me, church. I have been there. I have shopped around for churches based on the quality of the music, the amount of expensive equipment they have, whether or not the pastor is a culturally hip dude, with no regard to the Christ centric nature of their ministry. If Jesus isn't my only priority going into worship, I am an idolator!

Our Culture Shops For Churches Like Food Off A Menu

This way of thinking is so backwards. Our culture shops for churches like food off a menu! Choosing what satisfies them, not what's best for them. Self-centered church attendance is like worshipping Baal, Zeus, or a stick! We must keep our attention fixed on Christ and His given Holy Spirit of God! Christ-centered church is the only option for those seeking life in Christ! It almost seems like this should be painfully obvious doesn't it? How could it be so elusive and dangerous? The blind can never see what is before them, no matter how hard they wish to, they simply cannot, they are blind.

Pray with me brethren, that our worship be all about Jesus! We can't stipulate to God how, and by what circumstance, we will worship Him. All Christ, All the time! That's the only option. We must decrease and He must increase.

Eager, as always, to worship with you,