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Paige Findley - October 30, 2012

deceit, devil, discern, identity, lies, molest, prayer, satan

Yesterday morning I received one of the best and most insightful rebukes I've ever received.

Last Sunday, toward the end of the sermon, I spoke briefly about the apathy of Adam as he didn't step in to defend Eve as she was being molested by Satan; 'rape' was the word I used. I was wrong.

One of our attentive sisters kindly emailed to help straighten me out. Rather than diminishing the point's potency, her correction made it razor sharp... and, brothers, we need to heed what this sister has to say.

You sustain and keep pretty close ties with your men so you know them better than I do. And I know that you were attempting to motivate some of them with your illustration of the potential "rape of their wives by satan." But would we really call what happened to her rape? More like very subtle seduction that required her consent. Men will easily get off the couch for such an attack but will they rise when she is seduced by something she has seen on TV or read in a magazine or heard from a non-believing girlfriend?

Wow! What a fantastic observation. Eve wasn't raped, she was seduced by someone promising greener grass elsewhere... another show, another drink, another book, another look, another life.

More subtle and more dangerous, hardly ever does our enemy bust in gun's blazin'. Rather, he is "the craftiest of all creatures", "a deceiver", "a liar from the beginning". Just a little shadow on the Truth here, scattering small seeds of doubt there, and next thing you know: big bitter roots and trees with nasty poisonous fruit.

Our sister goes on to describe the schemer's craft:

[His threats] are much more prevalent and harder to discern unless you are really, not just off the couch, but paying very close attention. You have so much of an edge on that with no tv. However, this culture is bombarding women with ideas of proper bedroom techniques... what is acceptable affluence... what they should expect/require of a man... what to do if [he doesn't toe the line] ...on and on the lies are poured out day after day.

In college my roommates talked about the dangers of beer-goggles: after too many drinks their guard dropped and they lost all sense of judgement. Brothers, what we need to find are our prayer-goggles that sharpen our vision to detect and discern the craft of our enemy. Listen to this subtle but helpful instruction from the author of Hebrews 5.14:

Solid food is for the mature, for those who have their powers of discernment trained by constant practice to distinguish good from evil.

How is your discernment? Do you practice distinguishing good from evil? Have you asked the Lord to reveal to you areas of compromise, threats to your family, faith and obedience? What in-formation makes its way to your eyes? her ears? their iPods? Is it strengthening love for Christ, or deterring from it? When we find ourselves justifying things by saying "it isn't that bad", aren't we on the wrong side already? Shouldn't the question be "How can we get the very best stuff in front of us so we can grow stronger in the Lord?"

May we add our prayers to our sister's for a keen awareness of our enemy's lurking around our sofas, dinner tables, and bathroom mirrors... seeking any he may devour, one soft sweet lie at a time.

My prayer is for our brother's attentiveness to safeguarding the hearts and minds of their women... that so many are sustaining shows they are concerned and seeking God for their own growth as well as that of their families. Satan is wiley and will use anything... including children to port himself through the doors of our home.