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Called To Sing

Joseph Morrow - February 13, 2017

Is worship in song a matter of obedience? So what if we don't sing? What about the power of prayer in song? Do you pray powerfully in song?

Let's Look To Scripture

In the book of...

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The Proof Of You

Les Shoots - November 17, 2015

Christ the Prince of Peace never ceased from war, nor does He now.

Have you ever noticed that the letters of Paul seem to have been written with the point of a sword? Do his words in 2 Timothy...

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living on mission

Paige Findley - October 13, 2012

At the probing of the Lord, a question from a brother, and the last few weeks with Jonah (the pitiful prophet), I woke this morning with some things on my heart & mind that I wanted to share with...

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