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Life Changing Worship

Joseph Morrow - June 12, 2017

If worshippers leave a service with no thought of becoming more godly in their lives, then the purpose of worship has not been achieved. If they walk away from an assembly...

Use me Lord!

Leslie Shoots - October 24, 2014

As Paige has been taking us through the dramatic presentation in the life of Joseph the past several weeks and as we have begun to take on the books of the Kings in our Sustain daily readings, I...

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Infancy or Infantry

Leslie Shoots - September 02, 2014

I'll never forget when I first came to the realization that Jesus bled & died to wash away my sins. The enthusiasm, the love and excitement that I had for the things of the Spirit was really...

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Sin: Dead and Buried

Kory Pomykal - August 12, 2014

"You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might." - Deuteronomy 6.5

Well how about it? Do you? Do you love God...

In Sickness & In Health

Paige Findley - December 27, 2012

Based on the Scripture, two-thousand years of Church experience, and 38 of my own, I'm a firm believer that the Spirit of God more often marvels an onlooking world through--not our prosperity,...