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Worship Is The Ongoing Completion Of Love

Joseph Morrow - September 29, 2017

C.S. Lewis, complete, joy, love, worship
Sunday's Songs
Brethren We Have Met To Worship
A Mighty Fortress Is Our God
I Will Glory In My Redeemer
How Deep the Father's Love For Us
Jesus Paid It All

It is not out of compliment that lovers keep on telling one another how beautiful they are; the delight is incomplete till it is expressed. - C.S. Lewis

Lewis explains one major motivation for our worship: we hold the Lord so dear that we have to express our affection for, our zeal of, our joy in, our love for God. Our delight in Him isn't complete until we express that delight to Him in worship! So we do it over and over again. Once isn't enough because the more we worship Him, and pray fervently to Him, and diligently read His Word, the more we love Him who is love. Because He gave Himself, we love. So, therefore, we can't help but worship.

We love because he first loved us. -1 John 4.19

I hope this is the case for all of us, South Church. May we be ever experiencing increasing zeal for the things of the Lord, an ever-increasing love for God, and ever-increasing desire to proclaim in worship just how much we need and adore our King Jesus. Not because we can, but because He did. I love you, church.

Eager, as always, to worship with you,