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— Romans 10.17 —

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"Remember!" It is amazing how many times this word appears in the Old Testament alone. So often we forget where God is calling and how He means for us to get there.

This is an ongoing series, added to from time to time as the Lord speaks through His Word to keep us focused and on task in Proclaiming Jesus to Restore His Family & Sustain His Church.

Sustaining Faith (preLaunch.2)

The power that keeps us is no different than the power that brought us into Christ: this is the power that gave us eyes to see Christ as the greatest gift.

How does this grace that brought us alive from death, sustain & keep us in the faith?

What are the gifts of God's grace used to keep, hold, remain, and abide with us?

Sustain, one of the three ministries of South Church, is a tool employed to help the saints remain in the faith. Our Father calls us into a family of faith. We were never meant to go it alone... where two or more are gathered, there He is among us.

Whose faith are you sustaining? Whose faith is sustaining you? What would a sustaining relationship look like? Join us this week as we testify of God's grace through sustaining relationships in the body of Jesus.

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